A Dream I’d Like To Live

an anecdote about nostalgia


poem and photos by stella

most people seem to dwell on their past,
they are nostalgic home-bodies
who can reminisce on their childhoods
with love and naivety.

i’ve always been the opposite i guess.
i couldn’t wait to leave my childhood
even then, i knew something was off.
i was always trying to escape;
always running

i would long for the moment to be over,
always waiting to move onto the next
get life over with...

but for once in my life,
i don’t want to keep running.
i want to savor every moment i spend with you
i wish every breath was longer
i wish i could live in every thought,
memory, or dream that you visit me in

with that said,
part of me still longs for the future
but a future where i’m not always running

i’m just stable and content.
maybe you’d like to share that feeling with me?

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Image descriptions:

Image #1: Gold spray paint on a wall reads “LOVE IS REAL” which relates to a similar message of the poem, with an eerie aesthetic and loving meaning.

Image #2: A glass heart lies in a pile of bullets, these were some scraps from a local art studio. With that, writes “Sincerely, the knot in the stomach” playing on the narrator of the poem.