Wonderfully Mundane

Shot and Illustrated by: CJ Calanday

35mm photos taken around my neighbourhood in South London of things I pass everyday to and from work, illustrated with what I always imagine when I see them.

[Image description: Red car surrounded by green shrubbery, illustrated with water filling up from inside the car; orange, teal and black fish, and a purple jellyfish are swimming in it and can be seen through the windows.]
[Image description: Illustrated purple octopus coming out of dark grey rubber tires, leaning on a yellow wall with black graffiti, opposite a road with grey cars parked.]
[Image description: Black windows with 90s arcade game screens drawn on; Top left window reads “GAME OVER” in yellow; beneath it is a green snake chasing a red square with red hearts and green text; underneath is a screen with purple text reading “Insert coins to continue”; beneath that is a yellow Pacman chasing yellow dots, with blue shapes and a red ghost; to the right is a game of Tetris with red, yellow, purple, blue and green shapes. A green palm tree and green bushes are underneath the windows.]

[Image description: Black bus stop screen with orange text listing “1. Atlantis 1 min, 2. Metropolis 4 min, 3. Emerald City 5 min, 4. Funky Town 7 min. The background is illustrated with a dark pink sky and an orange sun, setting into a dark blue and light blue sea, with pale yellow sand and an orange and green palm tree surrounded by small grey clouds and thin grey birds.]
[Image description: Dark orange and grey building peeking through very dark green - almost black trees. The building is illustrated with pink icing dripping down to look like a cake; there are pink yellow and brown sprinkles and a dark pink “18” candle sticking out of the top, with orange and yellow flames.]

[Image description: A red telephone box with the view from a grey and black airplane window drawn on; a light grey plane wing can be seen peeking through, hovering over a blue ocean, with green islands and light blue and white clouds. A yellow wavy line is shooting out of the antenna on top of the box, towards a drawing of a silver and blue UFO. Above the box is a light blue-grey sky and behind it is a green tree and green grass. To the left of the phonebox is a white building, a grey road and a silver car.]