Summer Nostalgia

Photos that capture nostalgia for memories of past summers, edited with lyrics by the Arctic Monkeys.

Photographed and edited by Dajiana Huang

(Image description: A girl in front of a statue gazes at the camera)

“here is your host / sounds as if she’s pretty close / when the heat starts growing horns / she’s thunderstorms”
– she’s thunderstorms, arctic monkeys

(Image description: A girl stands in front of trees, with spots of dappled light shining across her face)

“do you still feel younger than you thought you would by now / or darling have you started feeling old yet?”
- love is a laserquest, arctic monkeys

(Image description: A girl in a forest brushes a strand of hair away from her face)

“now it's getting dark and the sky looks sticky / more like black treacle than tar / black treacle / somebody told the stars you're not coming out tonight”
- black treacle, arctic monkeys

(Image description: A girl sits in front of a tree and stares off into the distance)

“the look of love - the rush of blood/ the "she's with me" - the gallic shrug / the shutterbugs - the camera plus / the black and white - the colour dodge / the good time girls”
- no. 1 party anthem, arctic monkeys

(Image description: A girl stands in a field, with trees framing the background)

“anticipation has a habit to set you up / for disappointment in evening entertainment but / tonight there'll be some love / tonight there'll be a ruckus regardless of what's gone”
- the view from the afternoon, arctic monkeys