Risen Takes Washington D.C.

Hey readers! Sam here.

On June 17th three of our editors (Me, Charis, and Amy) rendezvoused in Washington for an afternoon of collaging, cupcakes, and conversation. Each of us brought old magazines and supplies to create some awesome work, and enjoyed the colorful, sweet creations of Baked and Wired, one of D.C.s most popular (and best!) cupcake joints.

After working and chatting for a while, we, along with Charis’s friend Rose, wandered into the U.S. Botanic Gardens, a beautiful series of wide, grand rooms housing a beautiful array of flowers, trees, and other plants. Each room was different (great for photo-taking!) and was such a great experience. Not to mention the air-conditioning that saved us from the hot day.
Below are some highlights of our day. Enjoy!

A gorgeous shot of a dozen of the finer things in life. Some fan favorites included the vegan oreo and birthday cake flavors. Bananas were also a hit! 

Here's a snap of our final products + Rose's hand
+ a beautiful dirty chai cupcake.

Amy, Charis, and I take the U.S. Botanic Gardens!
Many thanks to Rose for this gem.
Rose and I walking through the Botanic Gardens.
Amy, Charis, and I holding flowers Charis and Rose had picked up from the Columbia Heights Farmers Market earlier that day. What. A. Steal.

Thanks for flipping through these highlights! Keep on the lookout for more events throughout the summer...