Content With the Memories

A Comic by Amy Krimm

(Image descriptions located at the end of the post)

Image Descriptions:

Image Description: The words “I can never get rid of anything” on a blue background surrounded by stars.
Image Description: Doodles of postcards, tea bags, pressed flowers, candy wrappers, stickers and fortunes on a light orange background.
Image Description: “My Journal is bursting” with a doodle of a journal over a peach and white plaid background.
Image Description: The words “Can’t throw it away” with a green hand over a trashcan.
Image Description: “Because I’ll probably need it later…” written in purple with an orange and white polkadot background.
Image Description: “but for now…” written on a pink background.
Image Description: “I’m content with the memories” written on a white background with green polka dots. A girl stands holding a variety of unidentified objects.