A Change of Scenery

[Image description: The photo shows the top half of a line of trees. Mountains are seen in the background with the sun shining down on the left side of the mountain.]  

By Jazmin Diaz

I recently went camping with my family for the first time. We went to Kings Canyon National Park in California and spent three days there. Prior to this trip, my mental health was not at its best and I did not have high hopes. However, I was surprised at how refreshing it felt to be out in nature for three days. It was almost relieving to not have any cell phone service out there, as I was able to take more time enjoying my environment. I was surprised that despite the lack of wifi, there was never a dull moment. I did things that I know I would not be doing if I were back home, like hiking for seven hours to feel the mist of a roaring waterfall, playing music and singing around a campfire, and soaking up the sun as I read the last few pages of a book. When we arrived back home, I felt rejuvenated. I decided that it’s okay to take some time away from social media and sometimes all it takes is a change of scenery to feel better. This photoset captures only a few moments of the beautiful scenery I experienced.  

[Image description: A river runs between many trees. The side of a rocky mountain can be seen on the top left side of the image.]

[Image description: This photo shows a small yet roaring waterfall within a rocky mountain.]

[Image description: This picture shows a linear perspective. A dirt path is enclosed by a short wooden fence. The fence separates the path from the woods. The background is foggy, creating a mysterious atmosphere.]

[Image description: This photograph shows a forest below rocky mountains. The mountains stand out against the vibrant blue sky.]