Shifting Self

Photoset by: Amelia A J Foy

To deal with almost anything in my life, I’ve used art. It’s been my go-to from a young age for expressing my feelings. Over the last few years, I’ve taken to drawing myself - first as a practice of self-love, to appreciate my appearance and insecurities, which transformed into a conveyance of how I felt at that time. Below are a collection of self-portraits I’ve drawn throughout the years in different emotional states.


[Image description: A pop art-inspired painting of a girl with brown hair, face-on, tear on her cheek. Her hand is on her chest over her heart holding rose petals that are flying away around her.]


[Image description: Watercolour cartoon-y picture of a girl in pigtails and glasses from the waist-up, eyes directed upward, wearing a pink bralette. Above her is a grey cloud and blue raindrops are falling down on her.]


[Image description: Painting using block colouring of girl, shoulders-up, hair half pulled back and wearing glasses. Skin is yellow with orange shadows. Background of branches with leaves and red circular fruit.]


[Image description: Naked girl looking straight ahead with a worried expression, bust-up, clutching her head. Her fingers are sinking into her forehead and her hair. Hair strands are accented in pink pen, skin outlined in blue pen, and background has yellow empty speech bubbles.]


[Image description: Black-and-white full body drawing of a chubby girl in a mesh top, grid skirt and cute fruity socks with hairy legs. She's grining with her eyes closed and the words "dn't tell me what 2 wear" are next to her. Both her and the words are outlined thickly in black.]


[Image description: Messy abstract drawing of a face, stuck-on sequins littered around it.  A pen outline of a distorted face is overlayed by a purple watercolour outline of the same face. Green watercolour leaves are painted above and below the face. The words "GROW", "NO" and "NAH M8" are watercoloured around the page. To the right of the face is the phrase: "WHO ARE U THO."]


[Image description: dark blue pen drawing of girl, knees-up, looking off to her right with hair falling out of a ponytail. She's dressed just a t-shirt and looks tired. Yellow, light blue and light green versions of her are leaning on her shoulders, back and head.]