Man-i-Cure: Men Against Sexual Assault

Article by: Daniela Ramirez

Image courtesy of the Inner Truth Project
[Image description: Blue letters spell out in all caps “Man-i-Cure”, a clenched fist of solidarity is shown above the letters with the thumb’s nail painted blue]

TW: mentions of rape,sexual violence, and abuse

With April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, behind us, we must still continue to create greater awareness for the problems that sexual violence presents in our society. This brings me to a campaign that Mindi Fetterman has recently launched as of last year: “Man-i-Cure”.

A resilient survivor of sexual violence, Mindi Fetterman has built something from her own trauma. Fetterman founded the non-profit organization, the Inner Truth Project, located in Port St. Lucie, Florida. She wished to provide survivors in the area with a safe-space to speak of their own experiences and heal together.

Inside the facility, it looks as if it were a home from its cozy furnishings and thoughtfully selected works of art, chosen by Fetterman herself. Fetterman wanted to create an environment where survivors could feel comfortable - in her own words, “at home”. She even created a small snack room filled with water bottles and various foods for survivors; Fetterman would much rather have survivors not be hungry during sessions of healing and have them focus on something other than their stomachs.

When meeting Fetterman, one can truly feel the passion that she has for this project and for helping others. Her heart and soul were put into bringing this project to life and she is always looking for ways to raise awareness for sexual assault.

Man-i-Cure is a campaign rooted in the involvement of men in the fight against sexual violence. Many campaigns in the area of sexual violence are directed towards women who wish to dispel its effects by educating on the issue or promoting solidarity with survivors; however, it is not the sole responsibility of women to combat an issue that disproportionately affects them. Men are both victims of sexual violence as well as more likely to be perpetrators of it -therefore, they too are responsible for combatting detrimental attitudes towards women, the LGBT+ community, and other highly affected groups of sexual violence. Rape culture and toxic notions of masculinity can be stopped with the aid of men creating awareness of them.

Man-i-Cure, similar to other campaigns that fundraise for charitable causes, centers on social media. Men will paint one nail of their hands, post a photo on social media and encourage others to do the same to draw attention to the issue of sexual violence. Additionally they are encouraged to donate to the Inner Truth Project or other organizations that support victims of any form of sexual violence.

It is thanks to people such as Fetterman that we can hope for a unified cause. With the cooperation of men everywhere we can hope for a future in which sexual violence in its most discreet forms is never condoned.

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