Are We Alone?

Still scenes captured in London, England.
Photographed by Dajiana Huang

(Image description: A scattered group of people stand amidst fog)

(Image description: B&W photo of a surveillance camera; buildings frame the background)

(Image description: A mostly empty tube carriage on the District line)

(Image description: A man wearing a rainbow-striped track jacket walks alone underneath an overpass)

(Image description: A woman wearing a burqa faces away from the camera, surrounded by crowd) 

(Image description: A small child wearing a yellow jacket is being held by their unseen parent, as they overlook a river)

(Image description: The sun rises over the horizon, cradled by hazy orange-pink clouds)

(Image description: B&W photo of a painting of Jesus Christ on a brick wall; a fence post in the foreground covers his face)

(Image description: A statue of a crouching woman in a crowded room)

(Image description: An apartment building is lit by a red light at night)