About This Spring, a Photo Diary

      (Image Description: A girl wearing red,heart-shaped sunglasses faces the camera.)

Precious moments captured throughout this past spring in South Carolina by Cecilia Connelly.
 (Image Description: The sun sets over a beach and beach goers look on from across the rocky shore.)
        (Image Description: A young blonde girl faces the camera sideways while flashing a toothy grin.)
(Image Description: A store sign with snowflake lights, a dim "OPEN" sign sit above a sign reading, "Prints for Sale".)
(Image Description: A girl wearing a denim jacket and twirling her hair stands on the rocky shore of a beach at sunset.)
(Image Description: A landscape view of a grassy plane with a group of trees at the center stand next to two large, colorful buildings.)
(Image Description: A girl wearing a multi colored shirt faces the camera with a smile.)
(Image Description: A group of people, facing away from the camera, gather around a statue in a park in front of a large brick building.)
 (Image Description: A girl wearing a yellow tank top stares into the camera.)