women in spoken word:
a playlist

Playlist by Cia Mangat

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[image description: a collage of spoken word poets with a painting in the background.]Background image is a painting titled A Modern Olmypia II by Anthony Green. Aside from the pictures of Kate Tempest and Warsan Shire, all of the pictures of the poets are taken from the YouTube videos below.

Poetry and the written word have always fascinated me - so much, in fact, that I enjoy spending my free time reading and writing it. Despite the fact that public speaking and reciting my own poetry terrifies me immensely, I do possess a deep love for spoken word: hearing the melodies of a poem out loud is an entirely different matter to reading them in your own head. Do you see my problem?

So far, I’ve fed this love/fear of spoken word online, mainly through YouTube. I feel like spoken word is mostly perceived as angsty poetry being spat out by teenagers who have the world on their shoulders and microphones at their mouths, but it’s so much more than that! Spoken word poetry doesn’t have to be indignant. Give this art form a chance, and you’ll see why so many people are enchanted by it. Hopefully, this playlist will serve as a gentle introduction into the world of spoken word.