DIY Printable Coloring Book Zine (All about summer!)

By Amy Krimm

We all feel it: this school year keeps dragging on and on and on and it feels like summer can never come soon enough. Summer isn’t just about no school and finally getting to wear those cute outfits you love because the weather is cooperating for once. It’s a couple months where you can relax and spend your time in ways that make you happy. Let’s be real. Who doesn’t love summer? And if you’re any bit like me, as soon as April rolled around all that’s been on your mind is summer summer summer. I just can’t WAIT!
Bored in class? Daydreaming and planning your perfect summer? Need something to do? Well, look no further! You can print out and color this super cute foldable mini zine and think about summer as much as your heart desires. Download a copy of the page here and when summer rolls around, maybe you’ll even have the chance to do all of these super-fun summer activities!

(Image description: An 8 paneled line-drawn comic shows various summer scenes: ice cream, picnics, swimming, climbing trees, hiking, and sunbathing at the beach.)

And here’s how you do it!

  1. Download the image and resize as needed so it will fill up full printer page (keep in mind print margins!) 

  2. Print and color to your heart’s content! (Maybe even document the process if you’d like)

    (Image Description: Amy (white, short blonde hair) smiles with her eyes closed, she is holding up a partially colored-in printed image from above)

  1. Now you’re ready to fold the paper into a mini zine. Follow the folding instructions here, and voila! Your adorable mini zine is ready!

Look over your zine if you ever need a dose of inspiration, or if time is moving particularly slow. Hope you have fun!