Colors of the Night

Poem by: Tyler Taylor
Photo by: Tyler Taylor

Riding around the inner city of Los Angeles, I looked out the window as all the lights passed me by. All the different colors that make the city what it is. This poem is about all the colors I see on a daily basis and what they mean to me; what they stand for in this city. 

Colors of the Night 

The colors of the night were all created by the Devil

the bright green plus sign
it will lead you to a place your father said you can get the Devil's favorite plant
and that when you smoke it
it'll be like shotgunning with Satan

the white street lights
they’ll show you a place you were only supposed to see on television 
they'll lead you to the dark alleys
where men and women play devil 
and suck the life out of each other
doing things they shouldn't
there'll be a man whispering the sweetest nothings you'll ever hear
never let the Devil get that close to you 

the red, white, and blue lights
these are the lights your entire family warned you about
they'll lead you to a dark street
in a neighborhood you weren't supposed to be in
they'll show you that family doesn't always care about you
because they'll put themselves first for some of the Devil's favorite plant
and to get the life sucked out them
not realizing the woman who brought him to his high 
and you'll see a woman crying
shielding her children
and you'll hear a man screaming
the words you aren't supposed to say
the Devil will be driving him away with a smug grin on his face 
and so you'll see
your parents did not warn you for nothing