Ordinary World

Photoset by Vivian Liao

In the chaos of modern society, with its excess of technology and gadgets, we are so encompassed by our own busy lives that we often forget to stop and appreciate the small moments around us - a passing train, laughter, or the rain falling in the dark when we too are falling, falling into deep sleep.
This series of photos is a conscious attempt to rediscover these mundane moments in our everyday lives, in the hopes that we can relearn the appreciation and revelations we found in the world when we were younger.

[A street intersection on a grey, rainy day. Cars and people mill about. Streetcar cables stretch overhead.]
Outdoor parking lot in front of a supermarket and hair salon, shot with a backdrop of a steel blue sky. ]
[Grainy photo of a street festival at night. A person in a blanket stands in front of food stands lit with a warm, yellow light.]
[Silhouettes of branches and evergreens stand against a sunset. From the horizon, yellow fades upwards into pink and purple.]
[Shot from a bus stop at night. Cars and lights are a blur through the foggy glass panel. Snow is seen on the ground.]
[Shot of people on the subway. Rain is seen on the windows.]
[A dark, empty street at night. A patch of ground is illuminated by the headlights of a car on the side of the road. The orange glow of a streetlight is seen.]
[Another shot of people on the subway. Outside the rain-streaked window, a pale yellow building can be seen.] 
[Cars driving on a misty day, shot from the centre of the road. A steel blue sky and blurred trees are seen.]
[A shot of a street and buildings on a misty day. A Canadian flag stands atop a pole against a grey sky.]