New Beginnings

Photoset by Amelia A J Foy

[Image description: poem text overlaying pink tulips and purple flowers.]
i want to blossom and bloom
like the months of spring: the baby pinks of march
the oranges haloing april
and the fuchsia daylight of may.

[Image description: poem text overlaying four daisies blooming next to a gravel path.]
i want to use these holes I’ve made
to thread myself back together like a daisy chain.

[Image description: poem text overlaying a close-up of water droplets on moss.]
i want to fall like a gentle shower and not a storm-
i am tired of this winter fogging up my windows
and my water-logged grounds aren’t supporting my feet anymore

[Image description: poem text overlaying light streaming through a window lined with green potted plants.]
i want to let the sunlight in again
watch my limbs curve towards the warmth and relax again
green leaves and freckled cheeks and laugh lines again
yet my bones still ache with the cold.

[Image description: poem text overlaying many daffodils in bloom.]
but the daffodils seem to have sprung up overnight
so maybe i can, too.