Love Letters to Hell

Poetry and Photoset by Stella Nico

Image description: A lipstick print, two matches, a lighter, and part of the journal page from this piece are visible. The words “You’re the match to my gasoline” can be read visibly. This image is focused on one corner of the larger piece. 

These poems and artful symbols intertwined in the writing tackle deeper personal views on love, hate, and addiction. 

 Image description: Part of the poetry is visible but not easy to read and more of an artistic view is shown here. A box of matches, rose petals, a polaroid, and a metro ticket are shown to further intrigue the eye
 Image description: A further viewpoint is presented in this image; showing the accents surrounding the poetry itself. Love letters to hell, dead roses, cursive, and tools used to start fires are focal points within the poetry and imagery. 
 Image description: “Love and hate can be so divine” is clearly seen along with the same items scattered around and inside the poetry itself. These accents make the poetry, words, and moods come alive on the page
Image description: This image is placed last to end on a loving note. No matter the pain, addiction, sorrow, and hells we may go through, love is always the thing to save us.