Photoset by Jazmin Diaz

Image description: The focus of the shot is a bunch of lavender colored flowers. The background shows the forest green leaves and the bark covered ground. 

A photoset celebrating the hope, inspiration, and happiness that transpires with spring. 

Image description: The photo captures a sunset with purple and orange hues. The back of a boy is seen as he watches the sunset from a meadow. The meadow is so high up that the clouds are level with the boy.   
The beginning of spring is the end of cold and rainy days, trapped inside the house. Spring opens up the door to both nature and friends, allowing us to appreciate Mother Earth with the company of our loved ones. 

Image description: The photo shows the rocky shore of an ocean. The sky and ocean have a purple/pink tint, while the rocks are an array of brown and grey. 
With spring comes warmer weather and trips to the beach. Something about the ocean fuels inspiration and reminds me to chase my ambitions. 

Image description: The focus of this image is branch of peach blossoms. The blossoms are a pale pink color with a magenta center. The blurred background shows a grassy backyard with three tall trees in front of a white wall.  
Spring generates a wave of color with the bloom of vibrant flowers. In my eyes, these flowers represent new beginnings and a chance for change. 

Image description: The image captures a sunset with purple, pink, and orange tones. A girl's back faces us as she stares at the sunset from a grassy meadow. The clouds appear to be level with the girl, as the meadow is so high up. 
Spring provides relief from gray skies and brings me one step closer to beautiful sunsets. The limited time to admire a sunset reminds me to live in the moment before something is gone. 

Image description: The photo's setting is a carnival. The photograph was taken from the point of view of someone who is on a swing carousel. The circle of people on the ride begins with a girl at the bottom right corner and the blurred curve of people follows all across the image. The background shows the blue neon lights of a ferris wheel in the top left corner and the top mid-right corner shows the neon lights of a sign. 
Spring means summer is right around the corner. This season is a reminder that the stressfulness of school will soon be over, that I've made it through the struggles that autumn and winter may have brought, and that I will soon encounter new adventures.