By Sharon Anatole , Amelia Foy and S


“The room was loud in contemplation, amplified with thought.”
The stars were out that night, the brightest one in front of me

The incessant trickling of the rain against the window pane silences my irregular heavy breaths of anxiety
I twiddle with my thumbs
fingers locked together
to settle me as I try to fixate my eyes on the raindrops
but even through the pitter pattering of the rain
I’m rapt at the thought of you.

You sat across me
hands clasped together
Legs crossed underneath the table
the hues of brown in your eyes
an ocean of sepia flares and tawny ripples so deep I’m lost in them
stare longingly into the rain.
We avoided eye contact
and when we accidentally locked eyes
the brief seconds we did my mind was sent into delirium
frequent beams of your radiant face taint my channel of reverie

You hardly muttered a word
You looked lost in your labyrinth of thoughts
Whilst I was lost in the amazement that was you
“Just friends?”
The silence truly disheartening
She said didn’t feel the same
She wasn’t like that
She wasn’t into that
I stared down at the table
Trickles of heartache reach the rim of my glasses

I clenched my fists tight with gloom
Your freckles no longer an abundance of stars blotted across your face
Your smile didn’t radiate the beam of glee
And your eyes were just
Brown , the allurement fizzled out

“Yeah, just friends”

And the stars were out that night, but the brightest one out of sight

By Sharon Anatole

By S