Trump Revokes Protections for Transgender Children

Image courtesy of Andrew Harnik
By Amelia A J Foy

In May of last year, the Obama administration granted protections for transgender children in schools to use the bathroom which corresponds to their gender, as opposed to the gender they were assigned with at birth. Recently, Trump’s administration has announced they will retract these protections while they review “legal issues”.

Following this move, transgender children will no longer be allowed to use the bathroom they are comfortable with. This echoes the situation of North Carolina under HB2. These attacks on transgender rights are far from new, with transphobia and transphobic violence rife in our culture, especially against trans women of colour. In a society already dangerous for trans individuals, bathrooms are about more than just nature calling; the exclusion of trans individuals from them is a denial of their identity, a threat to their safety, and an attack on their right to exist in society.

In a letter soon to be sent to schools regarding this bill, it is said this “does not diminish the protections from bullying and harassment that are available to all students”. When the White House presents itself as so oblivious to how anti-trans legislation impacts transgender youth by endorsing transphobia, it is all the more important to take action to stand against this. Donating to organisations like the Trevor Project, educating yourself through trans activists such as Laverne Cox, calling your senators or even taking to the streets in protest is vital to show Trump and his administration that the fight is not over. Transgender people deserve their rights, deserve respect and safety, and we will support them in this fight no matter what.