Love Love Love

Valentine's day isn’t always about a romantic significant other, as love isn’t always romantic. This short, follows different couples in different types of relationships, proving that different types of love are no more important or valid than another. I purposefully left out which type of relationship each couple had between each other and left the focus on the expressions of love through the relationship. Thank you to the Creskill Congregational Church where most of this short was filmed, and the NNJ Rainbow Cafe, which held the Valentine’s Dance.

Directed by: Jinny Lee


Rene Spiewak
Nikki Quinn
Sarah Evelyn
Kiara Crespo
Mia Elias
James Reynoso
Thea Foundopoulos
Nicole Foundopoulos
Tay Lee
Yasmine Sayid
Olivia Rocca

Song: “Sweet Moon” by SoundCloud user, “sundarta”