Dear White Women

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Poem by Peyton Upchurch 
Photo via For Harriet

as the next four years ensue
there are a few things that you must understand.
equity is a greater goal than equality.
we cannot say that our path is equal
when our darker skinned sisters'
is littered with obstacles that we will never understand.
our solidarity is essential
when some are unsafe, and we have an advantage.
we cannot preach unity
and then walk away from contributing to the safety of those with lives
just as important as our own.
we may not act as if our grandmothers, mothers, and aunts did not rock the vote in the direction of cynicism and hatred,
as if the blame rests solely on the shoulders of this country's male population.
we voted too.
to treat politics as simply a topic of conversation
when for many it is a daily struggle-
a ludicrous act.
we do not need to regard the traditional attire of our indigenous sisters as an adorned costume
to be coveted,
but as an aura to be respected.
we do not need to regard the curls
of our black sisters
as a fashion statement,
but as strength and ancestry personified.
we do not need to regard the
soul and tradition of our latina sisters
as merely a "worldly" personality trait,
but as a spark and a light in the dark.
we cannot march alongside our sisters in washington
but abandon them in standing rock,
in miami,
and in harlem.
we do not get to stand
in a field full of flowers
and decide that we are the most beautiful
because our stems are lighter in color
or our petals are straighter in texture
or there are more like us.
we are to grow in that field
surrounded by a million types of beauty.
we must embrace all of it
with open arms,
and together,
all of us
may grow.