Curator's Letter: February 2017

Art By: Amy Krimm

Happy month of love and Black History Month readers!

In light of the overwhelming news coming in daily mainly about the Trump administration, we at Risen are working on bringing you guys updates as soon as we can. We are working on a bi-weekly briefing of important events and information you need to know by the end of every 2 weeks with a team created by Adele Lukusa.

Many protests have taken place, and from what we have gathered, other protests will take place as well against the Trump administration’s agendas against climate change, immigrants, refugees, and more. With that, we have create a google docs filled with resources on how one can take action against the bigoted policies and future plans that will damage certain communities. The link is accessible here and if you would like to be able to add to the google docs with your own ideas or concepts, please DM us your e-mail on Instagram/Twitter or e-mail us your contact information at

We have a couple of exciting projects coming your way this month of February! One of our members Cia Mangat has compiled multiple diary entries from young adults across the globe and is showcasing this awesome project on the site.  

For Black History Month, with an idea created by Tyler Taylor, Risen is bringing you iconic black figures, events, and people that have made a difference in the black community daily through Instagram. This is a chance for all of us to learn not only through our future Instagram posts, but also as a chance for you to take the information, run with it, and do some research on your own!

Another project is being led by our senior literature editor Sam Falb, who has created a collaborative series called “Risen’s Favorites” that assembles a list of trends, artists, and just magical stuff that we have fallen in love with on Risen.

February is a classic month of love and for my cynical peeps out there or realists, we’re with ya but let’s focus our energy on the good things love can do. Find some non-profit organizations you can donate to, volunteer for a cause you believe in, show your friends you care, and shower yourself in that good ol’ healthy narcissistic love. You deserve it!

You’ll hear from us again when we have news to tell you, but until then, stay safe, healthy, educated, and aware. Mwah!

Jazmine Alcon and Claire Halloran

Risen Curators