City (Ad)ventures

Photoset by Vivian Liao

[Image description: a shot of a downtown street at daylight. In the front of the photo is a slightly blurred out bicyclist with a white car behind him. Buildings continue along the street, with people and traffic seen further down. Billboards can be seen at the far end of the street.]

Photoset: there’s a certain excitement in small adventures, like spontaneous day-trips taking the metro into the city. On occasional weekends, when the frigid weather takes a due break, I’ll head downtown with little more than a camera to capture the mundane everyday, made less mundane by the human traffic, moving patterns, and quirky pastel-painted buildings.

[Image description: sign: Cafe Crepe. Two girls are walking outside of the creperie. Overhead, construction support and graffitied on the building is seen.]

yonge dundas mock film still.jpg
[Image description: A dark photograph of cars and people moving around a busy street intersection. Buildings and shop signs are cluttered along the street. ]

neville train queen st.jpg

[Image description: An oncoming streetcar comes into view on right side of photo, shot at daylight. Short buildings are seen further down the street, partly obscured by the streetcar. People walk along the opposite sidewalk. ]

kops 3.jpg
[Image description: Two storefronts stand side-by-side, shot at daylight. The stores are quirky, old-looking buildings painted yellow (left) and blue (right). Sign on storefronts: KOPS records, CONDOM SHACK. There are cars and people along the street. ]

[Image description: Various people sit on steps leading up to a stage, shot in broad daylight. A bicycle stands off to the left. On the right side, a large red and black poster promotes entertainment in the city square. ]

hard rock cafe.jpg
[Image description: neon sign: Hard Rock Cafe. A giant red electric guitar is mounted on the side of a tall, grey-and-white building. A pride flag is seen underneath the guitar. On the street, people crowd around the restaurant entrance. ]