Curator's Letter: January 2017

Happy new year you filthy animals!

While time is definitely an illusion, we have survived 2016, a year that will definitely go down in history. We’ve gone through a myriad of emotions within 12 months from heartbreak to victory, and we enter a new era today. Some of us will be dusting off our slate clean and some will continue their wondrous journeys from 2016. But what we all have in common is looking forward to a better, brighter, more magical adventures this year.

Change is rapidly approaching us as new beginnings arise. Risen will be with you through them all. We will continue to bring you current events, pep talks ranging from school to daily living, and an overall deeper look into society within the eyes of young adults.

As many of you know, Instagram has now launched a new feature called “Live”, and we have already hopped on the train as soon as it came out. We will be holding livestreams, holding discussions about societal issues, teen issues, and everything in between, so look out for those. We will continue to be using social media as our platform, because that’s the way millennials mobilize. You can keep up with us on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. If you have any suggestions, questions, and comments please do not hesitate to contact us through our social media and e-mail,

We have big surprises coming for you this new year, so prepare yourself! We’re cooking up something good. As for main changes, Claire and I have decided to only do Curator’s Letters when important announcements come up! This will make it easier for all of you to keep up with all things new in Risen without having to sift through non-essential information!

I’d like to take this time to address all of our beautiful readers (you) personally. 2016 has been a rough ride for all of us. Many of us are still coping with traumatic experiences, stories, and realizations, while trying to brace ourselves for what may come this year especially with Inauguration Day coming so close. Many of us feel lost, alone, and just in utter disbelief at the coming events, but I assure you, this fight is nowhere near over. Please, take care of yourselves this year, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Prioritize your needs and happiness. We, at Risen, will do everything we can to keep you informed, provide you with guides, and give you a platform where you can be heard. Do not let anyone silence you this year and years after this. Do not let anyone take away your rights. Do not let anyone break your spirit. Remember, change is based on hope. Do not ever lose your light. We are here with you, always.

Jazmine and Claire

Curators Currently Questioning the Concept of Time