5 Things to Remember as an Undocumented Youth Before Inauguration

@ranjanigroth / Twitter
University of North Texas & Texas Women's University students held a demonstration for campuses to be named a "sanctuary campus."

  1. Stay up to date with local elections because those results will impact you directly. Urge your family and friends who are able to vote to exercise those rights in local elections.
  2. Get involved with sanctuary cities and college campus projects. Cities such as San Francisco, Chicago, and New York have declared they will protect undocumented immigrants from federal law if need be. Several college students in Texas have started petitions and demonstrations to name their colleges “sanctuary campuses”, meaning they will not release information to officials about undocumented students. Texas Governor Greg Abbott has declared that the state will stop all state and federal funding to those schools if they decide to consider themselves sanctuary campuses, which has lead to the opposition of the deans of those schools to the movement. Source:
  3. Think about the emotional impact of those who are the most affected by Trump’s statements, young kids who are worried for their parents, parents who are stressed about their situations, and yourself and your mental and physical health. Find local advocacy groups and charities that support undocumented families and provide emotional sustainability. Here in North Texas, Catholic Charities supports undocumented families with their Families First program that provides counseling resources to those who need it.
  4. Know your rights if you or someone you know is ever questioned by law enforcement. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers (ICE) are prohibited from racial profiling, by law they cannot detain or question you based only on your appearance. Do not give false information or false documentation because they can be used against you. If an ICE officer knocks on your door they cannot enter your home without a warrant from a judge. Advocacy groups sometimes offer seminars for people to become educated on your rights and staying protected.
  5. Stick together. We can only overcome the oppressors when we are bigger than their hate. As much as I personally would love to riot and destroy systems that hold me back, it’s not realistic because I realize my status is a weapon used against me. By law, I don’t have the same rights as citizens but I plan to stay united with my undocumented community to make this transition of power as livable as possible.

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