Curator's Letter: December 2016

art by Charis

Hello readers,

Can you believe it's December? We literally couldn’t, and almost forgot to write this! This year has been flying by, and with finals and the holidays approaching, life is as busy as ever! But things are only picking up here at Risen! We’ve got loads in store for you all this month, and hit some radical milestones last month!

In November, we celebrated the one year anniversary of our popular series, Riseponds. Riseponds gives a handful of Risen members, writers and artists alike, a chance to speak their minds about a chosen topic once a month. In November, five members discussed their thoughts on voters abstaining from voting in the 2016 election, and you can read it here!

As always, we are accepting reader submissions through our email, and you can find the guidelines for submitting here! We love reading and seeing your work, both from formal submissions, and from users who use our #risewithrisen tag on Instagram! We also would love to hear from you regarding topics you would like to know more about! Send us a DM, reply to one of our stories, send an email, or a message on our Tumblr! The Queeries team, which posts the 23rd of the month, will also be accepting any questions you might have through these same mediums!
Our Twitter (@RisenZine) is back up and running again, so make sure to check out it out here, and feel free to tweet us all of your favorite memes! We hope you have a very happy December, and wish you all the best on any finals or midterms you might have! And for those who might be a bit anxious about the holiday season, we wanted to take a moment to remind you that you are valued and loved. The holidays can be a difficult time, especially for members of the LGBT community, or for those who have family struggles. Remember that your feelings are valid, and you are important.

Claire and Jazmine

Co-North Pole Curators