Relationships, Relationpits Vol. 3

Art by Ellie

 A poetry series on how relationships  on social media outlets are romanticized. People are blinded and oblivious to the fact that relationships and being in a relationship is not all candy hearts and teddy bears. Sometimes it's bruises and broken windows. 

The Canvas


His blood is boiling.
The red hue from the sun's
departure sits upon the scene.

A phone call hinders the scene.
The temperature is neutral
The room is still.

The night is gone.
The after effect eerily emerges.
A sea of tears flood the room.
The fire is extinguished.

The pale blue tint of the morning,
Sits upon the scene.

Harmonious tunes of the birds,
Soothes the blues.
A settlement on display.
The room is uneasy.

Scriptures are torn and read.
Prayers are warily whispered.
The daunting dawn of the day,
Sits upon the scene.

The aroma of sweet pastry
Awakens the soul.
Vitality and Vigour,
The room is gleaming.

The warm breeze from the home’s heart
embraces and comforts the souls.
Its powerful shadow sits upon the scene.

A handkerchief filled with
arduous memories creep into
the center of the abstract.bB
Blessings and the purification's
of a genesis surface.
The room is at peace.

A mature raven lands on the porch.
A mystery yet to be unfold.
Faintly dim, yet clear and sharp.
A gray shadow sits upon the scene.

Both stare at this quaint canvas,
at their multi-coloured hands and faces.
Astonished and feverish.
Hands clasped, foreheads perspire.
A breath of relief.

It is done.

By: Misa