Dear Young America: The Revolution Will Not Die

Art by Amelia
Dear Young America,

Today, many of us have felt a surging sense of loss in America. Hopelessness, emptiness, anger, and disappointment have paid us a visit and they will not leave us any time soon. Last night, bigotry and hate won the election. The coming days will be scary, difficult, and painful. You will hear things that will make your heart stop beating. You will see things that will make you hold your breath. You will wake up and feel like your body is no longer a safe home for you. There will be days where everywhere you look seems bleak. But, do not tell your heart to stop feeling. Do not swallow your emotions and let yourself choke. Give yourself time to grieve, self-reflect, and gather your thoughts to put a better and more stable foot forward. 

This election has brought a spotlight to the large division in our country as of today. While some of us have known this as the reality of America, many have chosen to be ignorant to the broken system and society that time and time again has failed marginalized groups. Now, it's all out in the open. 

While grieving today, I have realized the tremendous amount of work we, as a country, have left to do to take steps forward. The "progress" we thought our country had was barely there. No matter how apocalyptic today or the days to come will feel, I want to remind you that this is not the end. In fact, this is a continuation of a battle many of our ancestors have fought, that we HAVE to continue. Revolution is painful and difficult, but it is not impossible. This is our call to get into the streets, online, within the system, out of the system, wherever is accessible, and push for change. I will NOT let fear silence me and strip me of my rights. We need to organize, protest, volunteer, donate, advocate, and work alongside organizations that are made by the people and are for the people. 

You and I are the future. How this society will run, how it will treat its minorities, how it will treat the poor, how it will treat people of color, is also up to us. We have more a voice and impact on this than the media lets on. We NEED to keep fighting to make the change we want to happen happen. I refuse to let this country or anyone make me believe that my voice does not matter. I refuse to let anyone kill the fire within me that urges me to advocate for the oppressed and do whatever I can to take a step closer to equality. Do NOT let this country, election, or ANYONE rip your voice, rights, and hope away from you. This is the America we will inherit. We need to advocate for the basic rights and freedoms that this country was built upon. Our futures are at stake, and I will be damned if I inherit an America that does not stand behind me.

As long as we are here, the revolution is not dead. 

With all the love and care,