Dear America: He is Not My President

Photo taken from Twitter user @spacesharmony

Last night, Donald Trump was announced as the President of the United States. I stayed up watching the votes come in from 8PM to 3AM. I stayed up witnessing what many analysts called a "razor thin" race. I stayed up witnessing people vote for a man whose campaign's basis was hatred. Today, I write a letter to America. 

Dear America,

I have never felt this unsafe in my own body before. Never felt so unwanted. Never felt so vulnerable like I had shed my own skin. Never felt like my throat was ablaze with words I can not form. Never felt so hated by the very people who are supposed to stand for equality in this country. Never felt so scared to say the word immigrant or wear anything that exposes my brown skin. 

I cried funeral tears last night, America. Funerals for the freedom we have fought tooth and nail to get. Funerals for the democracy thousands died over. Funerals for those who are alive but feel hopeless seeing what this country has come to. Funerals for the innocence that will be tainted under this presidency. Funerals for the little girls who will think how this man talks to women is what should be expected. Funerals for little boys who will think that his is what a man is. Funerals for a country that does not value their people of color, immigrants, disabled people, poor people, Muslims, and the LGBT+ community.  

I thought America was better than this. I was naive to think so. This is not about just one man. This is not just about Trump. This is about every ballot cast for him. Every ballot that resonated with his racism, sexism, ableism, classism, homophobia, and disregard for anything categorized as the 'other'. This is about a country electing a President endorsed by an ex-KKK leader. This is about a man who has openly admitted to sexual assault with people still behind him. This is about America showing its true colors. This is about white supremacy being accepted as the norm. This is about a country who embodies Donald Trump. 

I woke up today feeling emptier than I have in a long time. I went to bed last night knowing people from this country hates and does not care for me. 

I refuse to ever call this man my president. He does NOT represent me, my beliefs, or what this country stands for. He is not MY president and this is not MY America. 

Today marks the first day of war for all of us. Today is the day many of us go to battle. I encourage you, however empty, disappointed, or hurt you may feel, to channel those feelings and use it to fight. With tears running down your face, with screams echoing from your throat, with fear pumping in your veins, fight. Push as hard as you can. Let everyone know who you are and what you stand for. I will never be tired enough to give up on pushing for progress. This generation, YOU, are the future. Do NOT let this man take it away from you. 

For those of you who can not get out of bed today, those of you who can't see through your tears, those of you who feel like you can't even go outside of your house safely, those who feel unsafe, I am here for you. My shoulders are open for anyone who needs them. Please stay safe today. I believe in you. I believe in us. I believe in every marginalized group Trump has spit on over this past election cycle. I believe that we will survive. I believe that we will continue to make change. I believe that we are all stronger and more resilient together. 

For those who are in a place of privilege, please protect the LGBT+, PoC, disabled, and poor. Please remind them that they are not alone and that people do support them. 

Thank you for whoever is listening,
Jazmine Alcon

And for those of you that need it: 

Call 1-800-273-8255