Art by Amy

Happy November readers!

With the fall season in full swing, we’re here to bring some fresh food (for thought) to the table and metaphorical lattes to drink while you read our articles, look at our photos and art, and watch our films.

In recent months, we at Risen have been working hard to keep you up to date on the most important news. We plan to continue this by staying as up to date with current events on both a national and global scale. Also, on the 4th, we will be publishing our autumn edition of our lookbook! Some of our most fashionable members have come together to show off their favorite fall outfits.

As per usual, remember to send in any submissions to our email, Our Queeries team is also accepting questions through email, DM, or our Tumblr! We love hearing from you guys, so don’t hesitate to slide into our DMs with a quick hello, to share a topic you would like to see us cover, or any other type of comment! We appreciate all of our readers, and it makes us so happy to receive feedback!

There have also been a few minor changes and updates to Risen! We’ve officially swapped the Mags for Zine! So, we have a new Instagram handle (@risenzine), URL (, and a brand new Twitter (@RisenZine), so make sure to give us a follow!

Have a wonderful month,

Claire Halloran and Jazmine Alcon