Anecdotes About Growing Up

By Sharon Anatole, Jinny Lee, Vivian Liao, and Stella Nico

Photo by Jinny

Dear Diary,

I do not know you-
For I have changed.

In the brook behind my yard,
Where I once laid
Floating, sublime moments
I thought I had reached my nirvana.

Until the yard flooded,
My ankles deep in the mossy swamp
Catastrophic self image,
I once laid in love
Now I’ve made a bed of guilt.

Change is like weeds,
Gripping to tear us down
But it’s natural-
Something we must accept, so I’m told.

It’s difficult for me
To look at old images,
For I am indistinguishable now.
But I am the same bones,
I am the same blood
I was ages ago.

My heart is soaked in passion,
My eyes sparkle more
I’ve changed for the better,
I just cannot see as well.

- Stella Nico


I remember a point in my life when I had been constantly nostalgic about my childhood. I think it was then when I realized I should move forward into the reality of no longer being a kid who was naive and free of responsibilities. It was in that liminal period where I found myself looking through old photographs, knowing that the ever-changing, fast-paced dialogue of life will never slow down. It invites us to another colloquy, a new conversation; the next impromptu act in the screenplay of existence.

polaroid I.jpg

Art by Vivian
Photos by Sharon

The cliche of never wanting to grow up was one that encompassed my childhood. The thought of growing up frightened me. These Polaroids of friends and I really capture that child like essence I was so adamant to keep alive: the silly sunglasses, the girly outfits, the teethy smiles. They all preserved the magic of being young. Regardless of the fact we were all teens at the time, the I-don’t-care’s and whatever's never felt more real, and I felt like I could be young forever.

- Sharon Anatole

Photos by Jinny

Since childhood, I would (quite frequently) go on elaborate backyard forest adventures with my friends until, for the long period of time that I was a pre-teen, I neglected the nature around me. Now that I'm coming closer to the peak of my teenage years, I'm starting to find solace in the feeling of nostalgia I get from adventuring, and coming home and reflecting upon them. It's no longer the fields behind my house, but a mixture of childhood nature walks and some traditional teen rebellion.

- Jinny Lee