Curator's Letter: October 2016

Photo by Amy
Hello readers,

BOO! Happy month of spookiness to you spooksters. October has really snuck up on us! This month will feature some awesome new pieces from our baby phoenixes, AKA our new members! As always, we will see the continuation of our favorite series such as Riseponds and Queeries, and each team is looking forward to sharing.

In September, we successfully launched our Girls On the Rise series, where we showcased a handful of breathtakingly talented female artists . Thank you to everyone who participated, it was truly a pleasure getting to know you all. We absolutely loved hearing your stories and having the pleasure to post your absolutely stunning work on our site!

Mark your calendars for October 23rd… and November 23rd… and every 23rd for the rest of time. It is the official Queeries date! Head to our site the 23rd of every month to find the latest installment. If you have any LGBT+ related questions and would like to have it answered in Queeries, send it through our tumblr, and we’ll get to you in the upcoming installment of Queeries.

Our lovely book enthusiasts, Adele and Cia, have started a books by authors of color monthly recommendation and review starting the 2nd of October! Hearing about authors of color is an extremely rare occurrence, much to our distaste. We know how important representation is especially for teens of color who are avid book readers and want to go into any sort of job that ties into that interest or even if you just like reading, so we are SUPER excited to bring this series to you. We hope you find an author of color you love and novels by them that you will fall head over heels for!

Good news music lovers, we are bringing you some awesome stuff for your eyes and ears! We love playlists that makes us dance our feet off and maybe possibly cry happily, so we're bringing that love of playlists to you. Watch out for themed playlists and maybe some other exciting things that come with it! [insert Apple eye emoji here]

We want to get to know all of you and give you guys the recognition, support, and love you deserve. So, we've started a new Instagram series called "Magic Monday" where we let readers take over our Instagram, talking about their craft, inspiration, and passion! We are all for you guys getting yourself out there and sharing who you are creatively with the world! You'll be talking about yourself on our feed and our Instagram story (if you'd like) so the rest of our readers can get to know you live! Here are the details and steps to take if you're interested! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email or DM us.

Don’t forget to send in your feedback! Whether it is a question for Queeries, a comment on a current event, or an overall comment on Risen, or comments on our articles, we love hearing from you! Messages can be DM’d, emailed, or messaged on our Tumblr. We also accept reader submissions, and the guidelines can be found here! You can come and chat with us @, you can give us suggestions if you want to read or see more of something, or if you just want to tell us what you think of Risen or say hi! All of your words mean so much to us, you all plaster smiles on our faces! We hope to hear from you guys.

If you want to hit us up for a feature on our Instagram or want to work together, shoot us an email @!

Jazmine Alcon and Claire Halloran

Risen Curators + Editors-in-Chief