The Brown Line in the Sand

Ndemazea Fonkem

I wonder why this world cares so deeply
For size two white women with
Collagen features made to look like me
Instead of women that look like me.

Why can’t we celebrate where we come from?
With our skin bronzed by nature’s sun,
Lips kissed by God’s angels,
Thick thighs, and robust asses.

Where is the body positivity for thick brown girls?
Skinny brown girls?
Plus sized brown girls?
Every size in between brown girls?

When will we be praised for the beautiful people we are?
When will white women with too much money
Stop taking our traits and profiting off them?
Culture is not a moneymaking scheme.

Remember our faces when you steal from us.
Acknowledge the culture you steal
Off the backs of other women.
We may be darker than you,
But darkness does not equal evil.