Rest In Peace Kendra Childs

Kendra Childs would have been twenty years old yesterday.
On Tuesday afternoon, beautiful soul and beloved mother Kendra Childs was shot and killed during a drive by shooting. The police have yet to name any suspects, social media users observed and speculated about the identity of the shooter. 

Childs and her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend had recently gotten into a fight, according to Quoyaa Taylor. After the encounter, the ex-girlfriend took to Twitter, posting what appeared to be a plot to kill someone. The context of the tweets lead many to believe that they were about Childs. 

Kendra Childs  would have turned 20 years old yesterday, she left behind her beautiful two year old daughter and her presence on this earth will be deeply missed. 

While I hope that the identity of the shooter is found and that person is brought to justice, my biggest hope for the moment is that Kendra rests easy knowing that we will remember her forever.