Relationships,Relationpits Vol. 2

 Art by Eden Taff

 A poetry series on how relationships  on social media outlets are romanticized. People are blinded and oblivious to the fact that relationships and being in a relationship is not all candy hearts and teddy bears. Sometimes it's bruises and broken windows. 



I see your dark brown eyes,
Cryptic and beautiful,
Stimulating the iris of my eye.

Your long and thick raven hair,
As majestic as a black lion's mane.
It embraces me, encloses on me.

Those crimson lips,
Intoxicating and pernicious.
Leaves a tint of your soul.

Still my eyes swim in this darkness,
My macula is inoperative. 



  1. Your poetry is so captivating! Keep up the good work!

  2. The second to last line hit me hard - Kaylin


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