I Keep Losing Myself in You

photography by Berjean
poem by Alexis

I keep losing myself
in his eyes
in his heart
in his crown,
invisible but just as real as you or me

His eyes are a home,
a story, a dare
trapped inside a not-quite lover

His heart is a hand
to help me when I fall
and to hold me steady

His crown makes him king
but not of me
I am my own queen
but I dream of running
away from my queendom, my home
straight to him
straight to love

We are separate lovers,
separate dreams in and of ourselves
we are homes
to ourselves and each other

Our hearts and brains are intertwined,
but not quite our hands
seperate lovers
lovers seperate
a tragedy worthy of myth and magic
orpheus and eurydice
love is our beginning and it will be our end

But love is what we feel
it is what we are
our hearts and hands
our eyes and veins
we feel, we touch, we see, we bleed

Love is our beginning
we are reborn of each other
we have built homes in each other's rib cages
we feel as the sun rises
passionately, with hope, forever

Love is our end
we shall die of each other
our homes shall crumble and decay
our sun will set

But we will rise
from the rotten floorboards
and the feelings, the sights, the memories of what was
and continue to be again