Editor's Letter: September 2016

Hello Readers!

This month of September, get ready to be schooled! We have many things coming your way and, of course, the sweet series that have been and will continue to be done until we (and you) get tired of them (so basically never). As most of you may know, we have new and amazing additions to the Risen family, and we are so incredibly happy and excited to have the honor to show you their amazing talents! We hope you give them a warm welcome and much love!

We have printed our very FIRST PHYSICAL ISSUE! We are (still) freaking out about it and it still feels surreal. The print’s theme is all about youth aka all about us and you! All of the work in the print is exclusive and has never been seen before. If you want to pick up a copy, click here and let us know what you think! For all of you who have already bought a copy, we are virtually giving you all the hugs and kisses in the world. MWAH!

On the 23th, we will be featuring a new installment of the Queeries series! Queeries is a wonderful series where our LGBTQ+ members answer questions and give advice to readers. We will be accepting questions all month through Instagram or email. If you would like to keep yours anonymous, you can submit your question to our Tumblr.

Our reader submissions are always open, and we would love to hear from you! You can find our submission guidelines here! We encourage you to share your work, as well as give us some ideas for new posts! Don’t hesitate to send us feedback, or a topic you would like us to cover!

We are working to include different types of work on our site, so we are definitely going to be covering not only current events but also pop culture and mainstream media! We are going to be breaking certain shows, artists, and books down to be able to look at them from every angle and perspective and give you our thoughts on them.

And last but not the least, but definitely the corniest topic of all, we have recently celebrated our one year anniversary! It is absolutely NUTS to us that we have been around for a year (and a week with some extra change) and we just want to thank you all for all of your support. We are still learning and with learning comes improving, so we are open arms to all constructive criticism and suggestions. Thank you for everything. Every comment. Every view. Every like. Every DM. Everything you have done for us means the world! Thank you for a year of growth and support, and hopefully more!

Jazmine Acorn and Claire Howloran
(and John Jacobs!)