I Believe In Giving Up (For Now)

I Believe In Giving Up (For Now)
by Edythe Nepomuceno

Some mornings the weight of your mind seems to add to the weight of the scale and you feel too heavy in your heart to move.

Some days the voices in your head keep feeding you lies that sound too much like the truth to you, so you believe them.

Some days you feel like you're the last in the race, that you should just stop running.

So throw in the towel.

Turn off the lights and leave the mess.

Let yourself go to bed at 8 PM.

Take a bath and waste all of your money on bath bombs that smell like roses or abstract thoughts like a cozy winter night. Use 3 at a time.

Because tomorrow it will still be there.

And tomorrow you will better know what monsters are under your bed or in your head so that you can invite them out for a cup of coffee.

Everyone is afraid of something; maybe those monsters are afraid of you.

I believe in giving up because loving yourself is hard. Loving the skin that sometimes may feel too big or too tight is hard work.

I believe that when the going gets tough, you should keep going. But some days you are not tough. Some days you can feel yourself pushing the Earth and the Earth pushing back.

Some days you need to be gentle with yourself and treat your body like an orchid. My mother loss orchids, and she taught me that you need to put a stick in the dirt so that the orchid has something to lean on, a backbone. Eventually it will bloom.

So yes, I believe in letting go for just a while so I don't have to lose the grip on myself.

I believe in letting go- for now. 

be like the sun, taking time to rest your soul and still finding the strength to return- radiant, glowing, strong. 

Photography by Edythe Nepomuceno