Editor's Letter: July 2016

Art by Nysha
Hi Risen readers,

How's summer going you sweet peaches? I hope it's going swell and if you're one of the people that don't like sweating, sunlight, sucky tans, and just going outside, we have more content coming your way that you can use as an excuse to not do all the things you want to do! 

We're continuing our Lookbook Series, summer edition baby! That's right, to our faux (and real) fashionistas, we got you this month. We hope we give you some new stylish inspo or keep your little ol' style flame going! We're going to be talking about another culture this month to expose not only you guys to new #facts, but also ourselves! If you want to submit a piece on a certain country, culture, or custom, feel free to do so! Don't forget, Tuesdays and Thursdays are all yours, AKA we only post reader submissions that day. If you want to submit, head on over to our submit page and read our guidelines before submitting. 

We're going to be talking more about all things relevant and keeping it current by reporting on current events, current shows, current artists, etc. We want to stay in touch with what is going on right here right now while putting our own twists on these things. We're going to be reporting non-biased pieces that may be shorter than usual on certain events happening worldwide.

As a lot of you know, we have a shop and we have just dropped stickers, THAT'S RIGHT BABY! We are selling the stickers by packs and we only have a limited amount so hurry and go buy some before we run out! One of the packs called "The Future is Female" and 15% of our profits will go to a fundraiser created by moi (Jazmine) for the Girl Up campaign. Not much will be made off of $2 stickers, so we encourage all of you to donate more money yourselves to reach our goal of $250. Girl Up provides supplies, uniforms, tools, lamps, and more to girls worldwide who are not as fortunate and privileged. We really really need your guys' help to make these girls' lives better. Please spread the word if you can't donate yourself! If you want to learn more about Girl Up, click here!

We really need your guys' support financially because unfortunately most of us are under the age of 18 and don't have jobs. We all have goals to accomplish and projects that we want to do that cost money. If you guys could buy our products, that would help a ton! 

To keep up with us on social media where we usually announce events, new pieces, and just things going on in the Risen world, here is our Instagram, Twitter (that's right we're back baby!), Tumblr, and subscribe to us by email by scrolling down and filling your email out in the space provided. Our shop is here and if you wanna hit us up with questions, business inquiries, or just wanna drop us a comment or a suggestion our email is: risenzine@gmail.com. We have a separate email for reader submissions, which is stated on the submit page! We appreciate all of you so much and we appreciate every read and comment we receive on here! 

Much Love,
Jazmine Alcon

UNRELATED PS. For all of you who watch Grey's Anatomy, Season 12 fr*ckin KILLED me. Someone please talk to me about it. And I am completely obsessed with Hamilton, if you're rich and reading this, please take me before Lin leaves, love you.