Pulse: Machine Gun Dance

Image From NY Daily News 

I am crying tears of hot lava.
Rage at a wedding that will go unrecorded, but a love that will not,
because love is love is love is love is love.
Rage at the news cameras  
With their banners of
the "50 victims" and nothing more,
not taking the time
To hang the banner of their names
Rage at the possibility that a kiss
between two people in love
Was so bile to one soul
It brought the nation to its knees
And 52 to their graves
Rage at our government
for their 2nd amendment bullshit.
Do you need a machine gun to hunt?
Apparently to hunt humans.
Rage at Donald Trump
for using this as an Iron hook
to cast out at his convenience
A twitter storm is like a thunderstorm
Next to the real storm of bullets
Rage at the idea of Pride Fest
becoming Fear Fest,
we've been fearful for too long.
I am in rage because it hurts so much,
the feeling of your heart breaking
52 different times,
of people in love and dancing
Your heart breaking
because those on the street thought the beat of the gunshots was the beat of the music. Synchronized. Popping music.

But I danced. I danced for Aysia and Angie, together 20 years. The beat of the music was the beat of their love. They will get their wedding. Because Love is love is love is love, is everlasting love. 

by Ruthie