Editor's Letter: June 2016

Art by Laura Fuentes
Happy June, Readers!

You know what that means? You're either enjoying the summer sun, hiding away from it under the covers at 3PM, enjoying the lack of limits in sleeping in, or pushing through the limbo of the last couple weeks of school. Wherever you might be, Risen is here for your daily needs! 

School has been messing (and is continuing to mess with certain unfortunate members) with our schedule for the past couple months, but we're back on track. Our schedule is now squeaky clean and organized now back to our Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule and weekends, plus the occasional Tuesday and Thursday posts from your fellow readers who submitted to us. If you want to submit, click here to know what to do and what not to do, and all of the other information you need to know. We love hearing from you guys, so don't hesitate to shoot us an email with some of your work. 

We've fixed our shop up to be much more to your convenience and taste. We've ditched Venmo and have moved onto bigger and better things like this beauty. All of our products are designed by team members and the money will be used for future projects we have been dying to do that, unfortunately, need money. If you could support us, that would be great! 

We're exploring new and bigger grounds this month, keeping up with current events that are seen and unseen on the big screen. We're branching out with giving out advice or lending out an ear or two to all of your problems with our new advice column! Send us your questions through our Instagram DM, Tumblr mailbox, or email! We'll try to help you out as much as possible. We've also started a remind for Risen members and readers alike all focused on fitness. We send out reminds about healthy recipes, reminders, and tips to stay healthy! Sign up by texting @fitwrisen (don't forget the @) to 81010. 

Representation and diversity is something very important to the Risen family. With that in mind, Risen is starting a monthly project where we start to post about a culture, country, or ethnic group and things we need to know. This might fall under the category of current events, diary entries, or just straight up facts about the country and its people! We hope you enjoy it. If you want to see any specific countries or ethnic groups, shoot us an email or an Instagram DM. 

Have a wonderful kickoff to summer and/or good luck on your finals, young ones! Nourish the mind.

Best of luck and filled with lots of love,
Jazmine Alcon