Spring Lookbook

Spring is coming finally coming to an close, and with its end also comes an end to exams and school.  In this addition of Risen's Look Book series, we look back at some our members' most stylish and memorable looks of the season.  Let's get this show on the road!

JANICE (@thenextavatar)

OUTFIT: My outfit is for those who like mom jeans like myself, and here’s a tip! If you have a long button up, unbutton some of the bottom buttons and you can tie your shirt so now it’s a crop top! Also a look like this is great for hitting the beach. (As long as you don’t mind getting sand in your shoes!)

TOP// Korea
MOM JEANS // Depop (Calvin Klein)
SHOES // Adidas

FullSizeRender 4.jpg
FullSizeRender 5.jpg
FullSizeRender 3.jpg

ALEXIS (@fairy.alexis)

Outfit 1: This outfit is for when it’s hot enough to melt your shoes but you just can’t bring yourself to stay inside.

TOP // Aeropostale
SHORTS // Pacsun




Outfit 1: This outfit is for the people who love patterns. (You know who you are.)

BRALETTE // Aeropostale
CARDIGAN // Aeropostale
SKIRT // Goodwill (brand is Harold’s)
BAG // Charming Charlie


JINNY (@kittykittens)

Introduction: The following looks are slightly inspired by the 70’s and for flower-picking picnic days. (Note: most of what I buy is thrifted and while I still buy clothes from fast-fashion stores, I highly suggest recycling and buying clothes second hand to contribute to the sustainability of our environment.)

OUTFIT 1: I have taken on the trend of casualized lingerie (tees and slip dresses, etc) and wore a silk teddy like a bodysuit! (wearing it with black jeans and cool boots would make the outfit 200% greater, but I have stuck with the awkward teenage girl look!)

SILK TEDDY (BODYSUIT)// Christian Dior (thrifted)
BOTTOMS// Levi’s 512 (Rags-A-Gogo)

Photo on 5-26-16 at 8.26 PM #2.jpg

OUTFIT 2: An alternative to the first look, this is a slightly more appropriate look! (feat. my face for some reference to who I am + stickers to cover my boobs)

BODYSUIT// American Apparel
BOTTOMS// Levi’s 512 (Rags-A-Gogo)

Travis (@t.ra.v)

Outfit: Casual wear isn’t normally my thing, but fashion is all about experimentation.  I was really feeling Sage Adams (@sageaflocka)’s shoelace belt looks and decided to try out the style for myself, even if I tied it completely wrong!  

GRIMES SHIRT // Grimes Merch
JEANS // Levi’s
BELT // Shoelace (Super Rare)
SHOES // Vans Checkerboard Slip-On