Portrait of a (Queer) Woman

"History has set the record a little too straight"

Representation is important, especially when learning history. Too often, important aspects of historical figure's lives are buried or ignored, such as their sexual orientations. Here are three of my favorite badass, talented, and queer women history, and some interesting facts about their very exciting lives:
 630/612 BCE-570 BCE
  • So I can't really Sappho's sexuality was erased, considering she literally created the word "Sapphic"(of or relating to lesbians or lesbianism), and came from an island called Lesbos. I'm not kidding. Look it up.
  • If anyone tries to say that Gayness is some newfangled thing- show them this woman. The gays have been here since the dawn of time.
  • She wrote, and I'm quoting the Wall Street Journal here, "blazing homoerotic love poetry".
  • She was considered "the tenth muse" by none other then Plato. Her poetry was that good.
  • A medieval encyclopedia says she listed her husband as "Cercyclas of Andros", which translates to "Penis from man land".
  • Sadly, most of her poetry hasn't survived and not much of her life is known, but it's clear that she was Very Very Gay.
  • Julie D'Aubigny was a french bisexual fencing cross-dressing opera singer and criminal from the 16th century.
  • She is literally the most wild historical figure ever and I love her so much
  • Her girlfriend was sent to a nunnery by her parents, so Julie went to the nunnery, replaced her girlfriend's body with the body of a dead nun, and set the nunnery on fire to cover their escape. This led to her being sentenced (by law as a man) to death by fire.
  • She was insulted by a young nobleman, challenged him to a fencing duel, drove her sword through his shoulder, but checked on him the next day and they subsequently became lovers.
  • She kissed a woman at a ball so three men challenged her to fencing duels. She beat all three of them.
  • Research her, you will not be disappointed.

July 6, 1907 – July 13, 1954
  • You know her, you love her.
  • Frida Khalo basically had everything going against her: She had lifelong, serious health problems, she was a woman in the early 1900's, she was queer, and later in life, and she had a very stressful and complicated relationship with her husband (Diego Rivera.
  • On top of this, she lived an exciting, amazing life, and produced incredible works of art deeply connected to all the struggles she was experiencing.
  • She was very bisexual and had many relationships with women, such as the famous jazz singer Josephine Baker.
  • She also had an affair with Leon Trotsky- she was basically involved with everyone important at the time.
  • Deliberately dressed in "Male drag" to project power and independence.
  • I'd recommend watching this documentary on her to learn more, she had an amazing, exciting life.