Mom Magic: Mary Ann Alcon

Mom Magic is a Risen series dedicated to make our mothers feel like the queens they are. They've raised us to feel like royalty, so now it's their turn to wear the crown! In this series, we will talk a LOT about our moms and take the time to make them feel something with what we do, creatively! Have a great Mother's Day to you and your moms!

"What is your mom like? Describe her in a sound and a smell."

My mother is music so loud that the walls start vibrating, a symphony hard to miss, and without her it is all too quiet. She smells like freshly mown grass, familiar, refreshing, a strange source of smiles. She is an entity that I don’t fully understand, a series of mysteries that I can not fully unravel but love passionately either way. I hope she knows it is hard to not love her, even on her worst days and on mine.

"What is something you love about your mom? What is something that you usually take for granted about her?"

My mom is frustratingly and irrationally kind. It is something that makes her resilient but vulnerable at the same time. She is someone who finds the light in dark days and quite honestly, I've learned that she has become my light in my darkest days. I have a short fuse and have little to no patience and I often forget that she, like everybody else, has bad days as well. But even on bad days, she comes home with a smile on her face and songs ready to belt out. Even on bad days, she asks me how I’m doing even before I can say hi. Even on bad days, she is someone so pure and breathtaking. She always puts others before herself and I promise to one day put her and my father before everything and everyone in my life. It’s the least I could do. Her heart is so big I used to believe the whole world could fit in it, I still do. Mom, please know that I love you.

I wanted to show the world how beautiful
my mom was in every moment she partakes in:


Unwary. Set 1.

Unwary. Set 2.

She tried to pose but closed her eyes last second! Silly mom.


The Lovers Set

One of my favorite sets taken by my Dad during Christmas Time:

Hi mom, I hope you're liking this so far! If not, here's still a little something to make the post a little better!

A Letter to my Mother in the Form of Anatomy Lessons

  1. In order for the brain to register a sensation, the stimulus has to pass a threshold for the message to make its way to the brain. Your love for me has finally passed the threshold and I understand now. I might not fully understand the why’s behind every “no” or “you can’t” but I understand that you never meant to hurt me. Your “I love you’s” have reached me and I hope my “I love you’s” have reached you too. I’m sorry for all of the times I hurt you.
  2. Wolff’s law states that the bone will adapt to every weight it is placed under in order for a person not to break down. You have taken multiple shapes, multiple jobs, and performed multiple sacrifices for us to survive. I used to wake up crying because I couldn’t see you or even remember what you sounded like. I’m so grateful to be able to hold you whenever I want to now. Thank you for not letting me break down.
  3. The average human has 206 bones to house everything that they need in order to survive. Thank you for everything you’ve done in order for me to have a good future, even if that meant never being able to sing me happy birthday in person or reading me a bedtime story. You helped me learn how to survive on my own and not depend too much on others.
  4. The brain is the most complex thing in the human body, something untouchable and undecipherable. We don’t know too much about it, only the basics. You have lived a life with and without me and there are times where we are not on the same wavelength. I don’t understand every nook and cranny of your entity. You have hidden stories that I may never be able to hear, but I love you either way. I need to say that more, don’t I? I love you. I love you. I love you.
  5. What makes us who we are is our brain. It is what enables us to be human beings, to act the way we do, and to be able to drink in the world and see it in our own perspective. You have made me so much more kind, loving, and appreciative of every waking moment that  I have the blessing to experience. You have taught me to be empathetic, bold, polite, and unapologetically myself. Thank you for enabling me to remember that no matter how cloudy or stormy days get, the sun is still there, shining.

Dear Mom,
I love you so much and I hope you, and the Risen readers, understand how much I do. Have an amazing day!