Mom Magic: Martina

Mom Magic is a Risen series dedicated to make our mothers feel like the queens they are. They've raised us to feel like royalty, so now it's their turn to wear the crown! In this series, we will talk a LOT about our moms and take the time to make them feel something with what we do, creatively! Have a great Mother's Day to you and your moms!

1. What is your mom like? Describe her in a color and a smell.
The sound of waves crashing on a beach, the smell of salt that permeates the air. My mother is best described as an utter sense of calm, the peacefulness of a deserted beach. She is the smell on a mountain after rain, the combination of patchouli and vanilla that reminds one of morning yoga and afternoon baking. Yet she is also captured in the sharp, acidic smell of Florida oranges, always ready with a sarcastic remark, her wit never failing to sting like the juice of a citrus fruit.

2. What is something you love about your mom? What is something that you usually take for granted about her?
I’ve been on this earth for 16 years, and not once has she given up on me, through all my flaws and faults, changes of heart, tears, anger, and frustration. I could not exist without her, and I would not want to. She has given everything for me, from driving me everywhere I want to be to guiding me through life and giving me the best advice I could hope for, and I am never thankful enough. It's the times when I'm in tears from stress and she kisses my forehead and tells me "take a hot bath" (because baths are a cure-all) that I realize how lucky I am, how supported and loved and cherished. I never know how to show I care, that I appreciate her. I hope one day I'll learn.

Screen Shot 2016-05-07 at 8.17.47 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-05-07 at 8.17.58 PM.png
Photos of my mother in Hawaii--happy Mother’s Day to the woman who inspired my love for adventure

I always wanted to be an artist,
so I painted the most artful thing
I knew--my Mother.

Upon a cerulean backdrop,
She stands, overlooking
Her world, Her creation.

I hung the painting on my ceiling.
A shrunken print resides in my pocket.
Her comforting presence envelopes me.

She is the Moon,
and I, the Ocean.
We are forever intertwined.

Like wind in the trees
of a verdant forest,
She whispers warm promises.

I never learned to hold my tongue,
yet She forgives,
And love springs eternal.

I always wanted to be an artist,
so I painted my Mother.
I keep Her with me always.

- Simone, A Portrait of My Mother