Mom Magic: Kiesha Franklin

Mother. Boss. Queen. Goddess. Wife. Daughter.

You are all all the elements combined into one.

EARTH: You are the flowers that bloom on the first day of spring. You possess all things needed to produce life. You are all the forms of life that take cover in the soil, you play a large part in keeping things growing. You have the ability to wreak havoc on whatever you choose and all you want to do is be loved. You are gentle and are unapologetic in the space you take up. You are everything I need and more.

Wind: You are the breeze that flows through my fro on a warm day and the soft blow I use to make a wish. You move from place to place, stopping for no one. You can be both gentle and rough, knocking down everything in your path. You hold memories in you hands and carry them wherever you go. You are my savior when I am at peace.

Fire: You are the flames that cover the candles on my birthday cake. You are the last thing I see before I make a wish. You demand attention, rightfully so. You are powerful, wild, never ending. You are the first flame lit on the first cold day of the year. You are the thing that brings our family together. You keep me warm when the nights are cold.

Water: You are able to mold easily, always “going with the flow”. You are the thing that keeps me clean. You are the salty ocean water, home to so many different forms of life. You hold things not yet discovered. You are the cool drink of water that everyone craves. You are all of me and you are what keeps me alive.

Mom, you are everything I need to keep going. You are everywhere I look, you are in everything I do. You are my life. You are beautiful, exquisite , and magical. I love you. -Tyler