Editor's Letter: May 2016

Hi Risen Readers,

April was a very exciting month for Risen! As many of you know, we launched our very own shopA handful of our talented artists design unique pins that you can now buy to represent Risen! Our original plans weren't successful as we found out that it's quite hard (and impossible) to be under 18 and start your own business! But alas, we're making it work and we hope you support our platform and our future projects by buying some of our products. If you have any questions, since we understand that buying a product may be a bit confusing, don't hesitate to shoot us an email or DM us on Instagram! Changes will be made as soon as possible for easier purchases, we promise!

We also saw the launch of the "Queeries" advice column, where you guys ask questions relating to LBGT+ things, and we dole out advice! You can send us questions that you need answers to through either email or Instagram DMs. We'll see to it that we do our best to answer them and help you out in the process. 

May is bringing several more intriguing and unique pieces. Our Riseponds team will be discussing recent events that have spread like wildfire. We encourage you to comment on our Riseponds posts so we can hear more about what you think! 

We adore hearing from all of you especially in the form of reader submissions, and I highly encourage you to check out our Guidelines page for more details on how and what to submit! Risen is a space for all teens to speak their voice, and that includes you!

Another reminder that our online shop promo is ongoing! Our first 20 customers will receive a personalized poem or piece of artwork as per request! A big shoutout to everyone who has scored some Risen pins, we appreciate all of the support! If you want to post a picture and tag us on @shoprisen to be featured on our page, that would be awesome!

Our favorite part of May is that it means school is coming to an end! That results in us having loads of more time to focus on Risen, and we have some incredibly exciting projects to share with you. They are top secret as of now, but stick with us for more updates. We appreciate our readers so much, and hope you enjoy what's to come.

Have a spectacular month of May and enjoy the flowers the April showers have brought!

Claire Halloran and Jazmine Alcon