Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman Book Review

Have you ever read a book so good that you just cannot stop thinking about it for weeks, even months, after you read it?  Throughout your daily life you are continually reminded of it by the smallest of things, and every time you think about it you are immediately met with a feeling of joy and nostalgia.

For me, Neverwhere was one of those books.  This thrilling fantasy tale had me hopelessly tangled in its storyline from start to finish.  I was entirely engulfed in it and could not put it down until I had finally, and sadly, made it to the end. The imagery and diction is so clear that the reader feels as if they have been transported to the magical world of London Below- Gaiman's brainchild of a city that exists, you guessed it, underneath the city of London, England.  There we meet noble rats, menacing monsters, as well as plain old humans living life in the sewers.

One of the most notable things about Neverwhere to me was the consistently dynamic characters.  Every single character in this story is well developed and deeply intriguing.  There is also an incredible range and diversity of characters. The "cast" of this book includes people of color, kick-ass women, and those cast out by society. 
If you're interested in reading a fantastic story of self discovery mingled with action and magic, Neverwhere is the book for you.

Happy Reading!