April is National Poetry Month. Often times, people of minority feel as though they don't have a voice, poetry gives them one. Here are 19 spoken word pieces that express feelings from love to depression and sexism to racism. 

TW: Some of these poems contain graphic language and vivid images that may be triggering to some listeners. Mentions of homophobia, rape, and mental illness. 

(Poems marked with a * are poetry written and spoken by Risen Members.) 

1. He // Alex Smalls*
2. Cuz He's Black // Javon Johnson
3. For the Gay Muslimahs //Anonymous*
4. Glass Girl // Alex Smalls*
5. I Am Not A Label // Prince Ea
6. Somewhere In America // Belissa Escobedo, Rhiannon McGavin, and Zariya Allen
7. Witch Hunt // Arati Warrier 
8. Untitled // Jazmine Alcon*
9. Real Estate // Savannah Brown 
10. Pulse // Alex Smalls*
11. From Nick Carraway to Jay Gatsby // Jazmine Alcon*
12. When Love Arrives // Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye 
13. Ten Responses to the Phrase "Man Up!" // Guante
14. Dear Straight People // Denise Frohman 
15. Explaining Depression to My Mother: A Conversation // Sabrina Benaim 
16. OCD // Neil Hilborn
17. Hi, I'm a Slut // Savannah Brown 
18. Love Notes // Lauren Bullock 
19. What Guys Look For In Girls // Savannah Brown