Why You Should Really, Really, Really Read The Lunar Chronicles

We are constantly surrounded by books putting down and stereotyping women, PoC, youth, and other outvoted groups, and reading The Lunar Chronicles was like taking a breath of fresh air outside after being stuck in a hot and humid classroom. Award-winning books usually have the focus set on someone who is white and/or male (even if they have a horrible personality), parallel to real-life scenarios. It felt so, so, so refreshing and boosting to see less privileged people being acclaimed, which is rare in mainstream media. I feel proud to see a best-selling book having the spotlight shining on characters like myself and many others, who usually do not get the spotlight. And now, I want more books like this. If this series has impacted one person, there's no reason to not believe others have also been impacted. Just think how an entire society's mindset could change if the books we read had their focal points in the right spot.

Below is a bulleted list of a couple of the reasons you should read the book. (No spoilers!)

  • Conveys that just because a person’s race isn’t specifically stated in a book doesn’t mean that they have to white.
  • Four of the main protagonists and their major antagonist are all females with diverse personalities, backgrounds, cultures, and body types. Half of all the main protagonists are confirmed to be People of Color. There are also multiple biracial characters.
  • The main character, Cinder, is disabled. Many characters display contempt towards her for this and Cinder herself struggles with loving herself, but towards the end she uses her disabilities to her advantage and grow indifferent to what others think of her.
  • A majority of the people that are in positions of power (prince, president, etc.) are female.
  • The gender split for side characters are almost equal.
  • The character growth is amazing. One of the characters considers herself as a damsel in distress in the beginning and romanticizes the idea of being rescued by her crush. In the end, she learns to rescue herself and even ends up rescuing her crush.
  • Contrasts toxic/manipulative relationships with healthy and growing relationships.
  • Crushes gender roles! There are so many scenes where women swoop in and save the day and men are described as beautiful and gorgeous rather than muscular and handsome.
  • The entire first book is set in Asia and many parts of the other books are also set in Asia. None of the books take place in America for a change.
  • Emphasizes many times that someone's age doesn't always influence their maturity and wisdom.
Happy readings!

By Janice.